“Polk signatures series Launched a new speakers For Sound Lover”


1)       “S10 Bookshelf Speakers for Home and Theater”


  •     Bookshelf speaker has a wide body speakers and featuring dynamic balance.
  •     It is the full range passive speakers that can cinematic experience provide your              home.
  •     The Power port technology & Detachable Magnetic Grille (Pair) use in speakers.
  •     Patented power port technology used in Bookshelf speaker to give the user deeper          bass to of sound.
  •     Bookshelf speaker has a unique looks and heart thumping sound.
  •     Bookshelf speaker has a Turbulence & minimizes distortion sound for movies music &      many more.
  •     The Bookshelf speaker have stylish look to make it different from others.
  •     These speakers best for acoustic guitars & other musical instruments.
  •     Bookshelf speaker has certified from most trusted names like Real American Hi-Fi,          Unwavering Commitment, Reliability, and crafts man ships.
  •     To take this speakers very easily and Offering full compatibility with 2.0, 2.1, 3.1,          5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 setups.
  •     Speakers offering full compatibility wit 2.0, 2.1 3.1 5.1, 1 and many more.




2)       “S15 Bookshelf Speakers for Home &Theater”


  •      The new Polk signature series is “S15” Speakers for home & Theater.
  •     “S15” Theater speakers has wide body amount and reliable featuring sound.
  •     “S15” Theater speakers made by Power port technology this technology gives a full         range of sound for movies, TV,  music & Theater.
  •     “S15” Theater speaker has a good, unique and remarkable design.
  •     “S15” Theater speaker is best for acoustic guitars. It has a wide sound stage and             affordable pairs speakers.
  •     “S15” Theater Speakers takes beautiful cabinet design, superb Audio Quality.
  •     “S15” Theater speakers has certified rating for these organization American Hi-Fi             Sound with Polk’s unwavering, commitment, Reliability, And Crafts man ships.To             make it remarkable & Trusted Name.
  •     “S15” Theater speakers has clear vocals & punchy music with deep bass.
  •     “S15” Theater speakers have a superbly balanced sound with a amount of punch to         its bass.
  •    “S15” Theater speakers has produced a grate sound of Guitar and many other                 instrument.
  •    “S15” Theater A Dynamic Balance designed an anti-diffraction magnetic grille use in        speakers.



3)      “S35 Center Channel Speakers for Home & Theater”


  •      Polk Audio Signature Series has launched the latest speakers with new design for           music lovers.
  •      It takes a best featuring surrounded sound & dynamic balance acoustic array.
  •      This channel speaker has narrow body design & 4 inches tall.
  •      This channel speaker has Featuring Dynamic Balance acoustic array, with six (6) 3         inches drivers and 1 inch Terylene.
  •      For this speakers you will takes cinematic experience in your home.
  •      The technology used in this channel speakers has delivered a smooth and turbulence       rich sound.
  •      This speaker use in dual power port technology for greater & impactful base.
  •      The combination of surround speakers to enjoy clear, crips and room filling sound.
  •      This channel speakers has certified from American Hi-Fi sound, Unwavering                   commitment and many others that can make it a trustful Brand.





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