1)              “Ugreen Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watch”

  •     The Ugreen Magnetic Charging Cable is certified from MiFi (PPID:219693-0085).
  •     This Apple Watch Charger takes magnetic Charging cable can charged All apple              watches, 44mm, 42mm, 40mm, 38mm.
  •     Apple Watch Charger Ugreen magnetic cable can charged all   Apple Watch Series 4,      3, 2, 1, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike plus, Apple Watch   Hermes, Apple            Watch Edition.
  •     In Apple Watch Charger can charge half an hour, the Apple Watch went from zero to      36 %.
  •     Multiple Protections and Strong Magnetic body to save this Apple Watch Charger for        over current, over voltage, short circuit and over temperature protection.
  •     This Apple Watch Charger device can charge your watch very fastly only takes 2.5h        to fully charge your apple watch.
  •     Apple Watch Charger Magnetic charging device has takes an ideal length.
  •     You can put this Apple Watch Charger this magnetic device in your car.
  •     Apple Watch Charger charging device has a 3.3ft long length.
  •     1M Apple Watch charging cable gives you easy connection and perfect compatibility.
  •     Magnetic charging cable for Apple Watch, UGREEN technology gives you friendly            lifetime & good customer service.


2)              “Apple Watch Charger with Magnetic Charging Dock                          With Adjustable stand”

  •       This Apple Watch Charger has smart magnetic charging device that can                          automatically align the charging area with your apple device.
  •       This Apple Watch Charger can charge all apple watch Series 38mm, 40mm, 42mm          and 44mm models of your Apple Watch Series1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple                  Watch Series 3, and Apple Watch Series 4.
  •       In this watch inductive charging begins instantly,provides you convenient Charging        and Stable Holding.
  •       This Apple Watch Charger device can support night stand mode & charge your                Apple watch in inclined angle.
  •       Apple Watch charger takes and inductive charging begins instantly.
  •       You can watch this Apple Watch Charger automatically Switch to night stand mode.
  •       This Apple Watch Charger supported can Alarm clock, Display alert & current time.
  •       This Apple Watch Charger is Adjustable, Foldable & Portable.
  •       Premium PC material with a smooth surface to protect your apple watch against              bands and scratches.
  •       The Apple Watch Charger has a unique folding design and suitable stand for                  traveling.
  •       You can charge your Apple watch in a flat position with its open band.
  •       This device is certified from MiFi.


3)            “Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand”



  •      This Apple Watch stand compatible with night stand Mode.
  •      This Apple Watch stand is compatible only Apple watch charger.
  •      You can easily to place  and charge your watch this Apple Watch stand.
  •      You can easily to strap open & closed this Apple Watch Stand .
  •      Apple Watch Stand Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, Series 3, Series 2 and             Series 1.
  •      Apple watch stand offers form-fitting precision that keeps things simple and easy to       use.



4)                “Choetech Portable Charger for Apple Watch”



  •       This Apple Watch Charger is Approved by MiFi (PPID: 229515-0072).
  •       This Apple Watch Charger is compatible with apple watch series 1, 2, 3, 4 Nike +            edition Herms and 32mm 42mm other Apple watch.
  •       This Apple watch Charger can charge watch & phones Simultaneously.
  •       Apple watch Charger integrated magnetic charger module for Apple Watch.
  •       Apple watch charger Built in-intelligent USB Charging Port.
  •       Apple watch charger detect your devices automatically and deliver its fastest                  charging current at max 2.1.
  •       This apple watch charger is good emergency power bank for your I pad, I phone                and Android smart phones.
  •       This apple watch charger power bank has a large build capacity with 5000 mAh              rechargeable battery.
  •       This apple can fully charged your apple phone approx 6 time 0% to 100%.
  •       This apple power bank has integrated magnetic charging module.
  •       This apple watch charger magnetic charge module of power bank and the magnets          will align the connectors.



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