Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier



  • The design of the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is versatile and it has the most unique and versatile design of all the air purifiers.
  • Room coverage of this air purifier is up to 815 sq. ft.
  • It provides Customized filter option of your choice.
  • The filtration process of these air purifiers is so outstanding
  • It has a light sensor that detects the brightness of a room.
  • It works with smart air quality monitoring and auto-adjusting operation based on the level of pollution in your air.
  • Its Automatic mode works superbly.
  • This Air purifier comes with a floor stand

Airmega 300s Air purifier




  • The main reason to design this Air purifier is to accommodate room sizes up to 1,256 square feet and it clear the air two times in one hour.
  • This air purifier reduces more than 99% of volatile organic compounds and reduces fumes.
  • It has a washable and endless pre-filter to catch big dust particles.
  • Air mega has different types of fan mode like Smart, Sleep, Low, Medium and High.
  • The noise level of this air purifier is so silent.
  • It includes indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, filter notification, speed, and smart mode control and scheduling.
  • It has also a smart sensor with three settings, smart air purifier adapts to its surroundings. The adjustment of Fan speeds is automatically and is based on the room’s air quality and lighting conditions to improve air quality.
  • The pollution sensor of this air purifier communicates the indoor air quality in real-time.


Alen breathesmart customizable air purifier


  •  The Smart sensors of this air purifier automatically adjust to your changing environment.
  • It pure filter provides a high capacity HEPA layer to capture 99% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • It comes with a handle for moving easily anywhere.
  • The Indicator Light of air quality reflects the room’s air quality in real time. When the air purifier is on Auto-Mode, it has self-adjust fan speed to address your ever-changing indoor environment.
  • It smart Laser sensor observe all the airborne particles.
  • The power supply of this air purifier is 120V.
  • It has 14 versatile designer panels this designer panels suit the multiple tastes and decors.
  • The style of this Air purifier is modern and it has the best smart sensor.
  • It is an impressive combination of simple design and smart technology.
  • It Maintains a peaceful home environment while purifying the air.


Levoit Compact Air Purifier




  • It operates quietly throughout the night, and it has a gentle night light with two brightness settings.
  • It has 3 Stage Filtration System Pre-filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, & Activated Carbon Filter.
  • The design of this air purifier is so unique and it has a perfect fit in normal size rooms or office spaces.
  • It can remove 99. 97% of dust, smoke, allergies, smokers, odor, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander.
  • The smart mode of this air purifier indicates the surrounding air quality,
  • It has 3 Speed Settings (low, medium, and high), the three settings provide options for various conditions.
  • This air purifier gives you the lowest setting to produce fresh air as you soundly slumber without disturbing noise.
  • It has a good function when the filter needs to be replaced it indicates a LED light.


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