1)       “Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 Sunrise Alarm                Clock”


    Specifications of Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 Sunrise Alarm        Clock

This the premium model light Alarm Clock has introduced by Philips, this model gives you Alarm and light both. This is sunrise Alarm clock gives you the same sunlight light, you feel like it better in this light.

This Philips sunrise alarm clock is best for everyone. It provides you with illume light for your home and offices and gives you pleasant environment in your home office. good sound for Alarm in this Alarm clock, likely sleek design, and power back up system in this Clock.

You can sleep comfort Relax and Drift with dimming light, Its has one of the largest wake-up light in the market.

The Philips sunrise Alarm clock has a small size and lightweight is easy to set on your nightstand and give you perfect experience of light and is best for Alarm. you set the Alarm in this lighting clock and easy to wake up on your perfect time.

You easy to set the setting on this clock about your personal need. it has a 10 intensities of the wake-up light and can set personalized up to 200 Lux. Susceptibility of light is different from every person. Naturally using a higher intensity of light a person fully quick awake up.

HF350 is 5 different Alarm sounds for you that you need to wake up: Calming music, 2 Birdsong, FM radio, and waves. you increase the volume level up to 20 and different customized options for your Alarm that you easy to wake up.

After ending your Alarm, you touch anywhere on Philips Wake-up light you easy to control smart Snooze. It design non-slip rubber feet that you secure to set up on your nightstand.

The power output voltage HF350 is 100/240 Volt, and12 Watt.

Product Description:

Company Philips
Model HF350
Sun/Light Themes 1
Colored Sunrise/ Sunset simulation Yes
Power Backup Yes
Natural wake up sounds 5
FM Radio Yes
Dimensions 7.8 x 5.8 x 7.6 inches
Weight 2.45 pounds





2)        “Philips Somneo HF3650 Sunrise Alarm Clock”


Specifications of Philips Somneo HF3650 Sunrise Alarm Clock

The HF3650 is the top-line model of Philips in this sunrise alarm clock Philips offers a soothing light, more alarm tones, charging port for phone and its shape like a sculptural.

It has a sleek design of Somneo light therapy, small useful amenities,  creates relaxing way of mind that before down from the bed and built a port for mobile charging you can charge your mobile in this Wakeup light.

If you are sleep you set up an alarm in this clock it’s light gradually increase before that time you Alarm ringing. before 30 minutes ringing Alarm. HF3650 automatically start gradually soft morning light and increase it from time to time to orange until your room filled in yellow light.

Philips introduced a sunset simulation program in this sunrise Alarm clock this feature prepared your body to sleep after the sunset by decreasing light and sound gradually. decreasing sound and light until your set duration.

Features of HF3650 is Powerback system This system gives you 8 hour  active alarm backup power In the case of spills, multiple brightness setting in this setting you choose multiple contrast options and manage brightness level, Ever heard of a touch screen inside the Alarm clock but Philips has introduced smart touch technology in this Alarm clock with the help of touch seamless integrated touch display you set the parameters fast & intuitively from you choice and multiple lights setting that you can choose different light Of you like up.

It has extra features than other Philips sunrise Alarm clock. it has many ports for your mobile phone charging and other thing, AUX port for sound you connect your phone and turn somneo into your speakers and enjoy surrounded sound.

Product Description:

Model NO HF3650
Sun/Light Theme 1
Natural wake up sounds 8
RelaxBreathe Wind-Down function Yes
USB Charging and AUX deck Yes
FM Radio Yes
Power Backup Yes
Dimensions 12 x 8.8 x 4.7 inches
Weight 3.36 pounds





3)                “hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock”



        Specifications of home labs Sunrise Alarm Clock

This is the best sunrise alarm clock if you set the alarm in this clock is near ringing your alarm before. it is automatically light gradually increase and after some time your room filled in yellow light.

It’s Delight good way to start your day with natural sounds like flow of river, Sound of wind its Have a good feelings.

You no more late in the Morning with this sunrise Alarm clock. its wake you perfect on time that you set. very easy to set alarm in this alarm clock Simply you press the Alarm button and face the clock to set alarm time, you use to set alarm in (-) & (+) buttons and again press the alarm button to confirm to set alarm. you can change Alarm tone it’s very easy to change alarm tone you press the alarm tone button and set your favorite ring tone (in this Alarm clock has 7 options for FM radio and AM).

Raising with sunlight at the beginning of the day is the most positive and rewarding start. But if you sleep at late night but It is morning and you are getting more sleep and you need to snooze the alarm it is very easy to snooze the alarm. Only you can push the snooze button at the top of clock alarm and lights will be turned off and give you an extra 5 minutes.

This is the 24 hours digital alarm clock. its wider LED Touchscreen face display shows 24 hours, it has three brightness setting its depend on you which setting you saved that you like. Backup Battery and USB charger measures in this Alarm Clock is 3.9″ x 6.8″ x 7.2″.

After the sunset, this Alarm clock shows the sleep timer and gently dim light shows the room it also acts as a night light.

In this Clock gives you 8 colors light options like Emitting vibrant colors: purple, red, green, blue, yellow is best for elders and children alarm clock.

Product Descriptions:

Item Weight 1.45 pounds
Dimensions 7.4 x 7 x 4.1 inches




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