1)             “Mackie CR4BT Sound Speaker”


                Specification of Mackie CR4BT Sound speaker

  •        We recommend the Mackie CR4BT Computer Sound Speakers because this is a               studio quality design & multimedia performance.
  •        The Mackie CR4BT computer speakers is gives you ideal quality of sound and                 entertainment.
  •        This Computer speakers is enabled for Your Tablets, Smart phones & other                     Bluetooth devices.
  •        Computer Sound speakers has a great optimized Sonic performance.
  •        Computer Sound speakers has a great Convenient Panel Featuring head phones.
  •        Mackie (CR4BT) Computer sound speakers Gives a best sound of sound lovers.
  •        Mackie (CR4BT) Computer sound speakers also available in 3 Existing colours & 3           Sizes 3 inches, 4 inches & 5 inches.



2)              “Mackie CR3 Sound Speaker”


                  Specification of Mackie CR3 Sound speaker

  •      Mackie CR3 Computer Sound Speakers because this is a studio quality design &             multimedia performance.
  •      Mackie CR3 Computer sound speakers has a Professional grade & optimized sonic           performance.
  •      Mackie CR3 Computer sound speakers takes a 1/8 inches long stereo RCA cable to         connect your computer from the speakers.
  •      Mackie CR3 Computer sound speakers has full ultra wide technology and perfect             multimedia range up to (80 Hz – 20KHz).
  •      This sound speakers takes volume knob with convenient speaker position switch.
  •      Sound speakers Plug on your Smartphone or other source into the speakers and             listen instantly.
  •      Mackie CR3 sound speakers has a “3 inch” small size that can you easy to carry.



   3)             “Audioengine HD3 Sound Speaker”


            Specification of Audioengine HD3 Sound speaker

  •       This Audioengine HD3 sound speakers has a powerfull Bluetooth speakers with 100        foot range.
  •       The audioengine sound speakers has Bluetooth feature speakers built in analog              power Amplifies.
  •       This sound speakers takes aptX HD Bluetooth codec with 100 foot range.
  •       This Audioengine HD3 sound speakers is wireless speakers.
  •       This sound speakers has size is small but big sound that fill the room.
  •       Audioengie HD3 is a premium Bluetooth wireless that works all devices and apps.
  •       This sound speakers look like a hand made wood cabnit.
  •       This sound speakers required a very simple network & simple setup.
  •       This sound speakers uses is very easily has no receivers needed, no network setup,        no password from panel volume control & control headphone jack.
  •       Audioengine HD3 Sound speakers has a unique features of Bluetooth, USB & RCA.
  •       Audioengine HD3 sound speakers works with Turntables with built-external pipes.
  •       Audioengine HD3 Wireless takes Powerful Speakers, Bluetooth antenna, 2m                    speaker wire, power supply & cord, 1.5m 3.5mm mini-jack audio cable, 1.5m USB          cable, microfiber speaker bags and cable bags.
  •       Audioengine HD3 Sound speakers gives you 3 years transferable warranty.



4)                “Edifier (R2000DB) Sound Speaker”


                Specification of Edifier (R2000DB) Sound speaker

  •        The Edifier (R2000DB) sound speakers is a Bluetooth connection speakers
  •        You can easily to connect this sound speakers for you phones, Tablets or computer         and hassle free wireless experience.
  •        This sound speakers is perfect is your any iOS, Android, MacOS or windows devices.
  •        This sound speakers is optical input speakers that can easy to connect from TV, TV         Box, DVD/blu-ray players, receivers, HTPC, computer or gaming consoles such as           Xbox and play station.
  •        Edifier (R2000DB) sound speakers is reliable for your head phones and other
  •        You can easily to connect this sound speakers to other devices very easily like via           AUX RCA at same time no plugging and switch needed.
  •        This sound speakers is remote control speakers that switch input sources, source           volume and choose digital sound processing (DSP) modes at your finger tips.
  •        Edifier (R2000DB) sound speakers has 2 years warranty and guaranteed with high         quality & reliability.


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