The Fastest Speed Of Internet Access 

The speed of this device up to 300Mbps & 16 x faster than 2.0 devices.  This modem is best  for live streaming to watch movie playing – games and many more. CM500 modem saving up to 150 USD per year. This device has  no monthly rental fees. The (CM 500 3.0) has been certified to cable internet provides like Comcast  XFINITY from  cox , spectrum , Comcast , cablevision and more on.

Specification of (CM500 3.0)

  • This  cable modem Connect any Wi-Fi router & enjoying a fastest     internet  on your cell phone its supported all wire less devices.
  • Cable modem provides 300 Mbps speed. this device is running on windows 7,8,10,vista XP,2000 & other operating system TCP/IP network .
  • Cable modem supported the IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6).
  • A new Gigabit Ethernet port with auto- sensing technology it connect to your computer and separate for Wi-Fi router.
  • DOCSIS 3.0 certified to work with U.S. cable internet provider like XFINITY from Comcast, spectrum, cablevision.
  • This cable modem is introduced the Advanced Quality Services (AQS).
  • Its memory is 128 MB RAM and 8 MB NOR flash.
  • CM500 has No monthly fees you can save up to 150 USD Per Year.




The Fastest Speed of Internet Access

It is the new product of has been launched by Motorola company. (MB8600) this is the new generation cable modem to join the DOCSIS 3.1 group. this Modem supported as a unique elements such as (4 gigabits Ethernet ports)& Active queue management (QUE) used in this modem that can play role to keep the latency low.

Specification  of Internet Access

  • This cable modem DOCISIS 3.1 to give this device the top internet speed.
  • This device has been certified from the Comcast XFINITY, XFINITY 1, cable one and cox.
  • You can use this cable modem to save up to 156USD per year.
  • The AQM technology used in cable modem & DOSIS 3.1 for fastest downloading, video conferencing to watch HD videos, movies, online gaming.
  • MB8600 has enhance speed & save energy.
  • This modem has colour full rear side and narrow body amount.
  • You can attach this device to any Wi-Fi router & enjoying a fastest internet to your wireless devices.
  • Cable modem version AT&T, century link, Frontier satellites services available in this modem.

This cable modem to take maximum speed is 6Gbps.


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