1. Sony QX10 Lenses For Iphone
  • Image quality is a apparently jump up from that of an iPhone, while the 10x zoom offers much greater coverage compared to the lens in your iPhone.
  • This lens for iphone works with decent functionality.
  • Sony QX10 has limited manual controls.
  • It has a Small display.
  • Sony QX10 has 10x zoom lens with 18.2MP sensor.
  • Sony QX10 has an ability to connect with Wi-Fi & NFC.
  • Movies quality of Sony QX10 is 1080px.
  • Storage type microSD.
  • User level is Beginner.
  • It‘s cost is approximately $281.35.
  • The Sensor of Sony QX10 is2/3-inch CMOS, 18.2MP.
  • It’s Lens size 28-100mm, f/2.8-4.9.
  • Sony QX10 helps to make Good image quality.
  • Sony QX10 take features from its WX150 compact camera and placed them in an even more compact body, to save for the rear screen.
  • The QX10 can be attached to your iPhone via an adaptor.
  • This lens for iphone can be used on its own to capture shots from more unusual vantage points, connecting via Wi-Fi or NFC.

2. Moment Tele Lenses For Iphone

  • Moment Tele‘s Lens size is 60mm telephoto .
  • Moment Tele lens 60mm focal length telephoto lens has a robust.
  • Moment Tele is Beginner level lens.
  • The containing mounting plate easily attaches using a clean adhesive rather than a magnet, which can sometimes interfere with optical image stabilization.
  • Moment Tele Lens is a best deal for modern days.
  • It has a very Sharp image quality. that’s why it is suitable lens for iphone.
  • It has Wide phone compatibility especially for iphone.
  • Moment Tele is quite a heavy lens.
  • No lens cap included in deal.
  • Moment Tele gives it a distinct advantage over many other lenses on the market.
  • It also supports various iOS and Android devices. Moment is now shipping plates for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Moment Tele lens is a high-quality lens that is compatible with many phones.
  • A well prepared microfiber lens bag is included that doubles up as a cleaning cloth.
  • It helps to reduce vignetting and distortion around the edges of shots and amounts to better quality images overall.
  • The attachment system of Moment Tele avoids the need for a special phone case.


  1. ExoLens with Optics Lenses For Iphone by Zeiss Wide-Angle 
  • ExoLens size is 18mm equivalent .
  • The using level of Exolens with optics is  Intermediate or experienced.
  • It has a Solid build quality.
  • Its Clarity is Excellent.
  • Its design looks like cumbersome design.
  • It is Expensive but giving a best quality which cannot be measured by money.
  • American firm Fellows has gathered with renowned lens maker Zeiss to partner its ExoLens iPhone bracket with some high-end optics.
  • This wide-angle model decreases the iPhone camera’s effective focal length to around 18mm.
  • The entire casing of Exolens is made out of black anodised aluminum.
  • Inside this Exolens, there are spherical elements to combat distortion.
  • It has an antireflective coating to minimize reflections and make light transmission better. It has been considered best lens for iphone.

4 . DxO One Lenses For Iphone

  • It has a excellent iPhone integration.
  • Dxo One works with excellent image quality and connectivity.
  • DxO Sensor is 1-inch CMOS, 20.2MP .
  • The camera also fits almost unlimited into the operating system, and pictures can be stored on your phone. and very compatible lens for iphone
  • The Dxo One creates great-quality images for a compact camera and it makes a lot of fun, if it is expensive iPhone accessory.
  • Dxo One also has an ability to connect with Wi-Fi and Lighting connector.
  • Its Movie quality is about 1080p.
  • Storage type of Dxo One ismicroSD .
  • The Dxo One‘s User level is Intermediate.
  • This is High-quality sensor but poor in battery timing.
  • It access very slowly to locked phone.
  • With a fixed and fast 32mm f/1.8 combined with a large 1-inch 20.2MP sensor.
  • It has a deep Lens of 32mm, f/1.8.
  • It is connected directly to an iPhone and doesn’t get waited about for a Wi-Fi connection and it doesn’t lose the connection.


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